Following the R&D technology road map, LSTC has just started off the development of the first Adaptative headlight for motorcycles in the market by using the DLP micromirror technology in combination with our AI machine learning software for traffic environment detection.

Our new Adaptative digital headlight is going to evolve the automotive lighting technology to new functionalities never seen before in the motorcycle business. The motorcycle drivers will enjoy a full high beam light distribution in all manoeuvres and situations on the road without glaring the oncoming traffic, even though if the motorcycle is banking on the left or right when a curve is ahead. Our full high beam is going to increase the security level drastically by reducing accidents from the lack of visibility of the current standard headlights.


Switching to the low beam function, no light swinging effect is going to occur due to the bank effect of the motorcycle on the road. The patent adaptative digital lighting system keeps steady the low beam light distribution every second! The low beam cut-off remains its position, not only when the motorcycle banks on the left or right, but also when it accelerates or brakes. The driver is going to have a more comfortable driving feeling without loosing visibility at night time.
The high resolution of the DLP digital headlight allows to project dynamic graphics and messages onto the road, adding a new way of communication vehicle to driver (V2D). A welcome message, brand logo, GPS indications, construction zone lane, sensible information, etc. are only examples of the new revolutionary language that the motorcycle can project onto the road through the DLP headlight.

Full throttle with digital lighting!