Our Services


Integral solutions

Our Design Center has developed over the years the skill to offer customers feasibility studies, pre-development, design, Product development, testing, homologation certification and R+D+i in the segment of the Automotive Lighting Industry

Feasibility Study

We carry out a market analysis and trends in the automotive lighting market, as well as the study of the technical and economic requirements to carry out a project.

Product Design

We use different design softwares according to the customer’s needs, using the wide experience of our designers, optimizing the designs for the use of lighter and cost-effective materials.

Electronics Design

We develop all the required electronics circuits for the automotive lighting equipment based on LEDs. Our skills include the electronic design as well as conformity of the same thru simulation and testing thru prototypes guaranteeing the project compliance to the reference market laws and customer specifications. We select the optimal electronics’ components and materials assessing the thermal influence of the design with relation to them.

Optical Design

We count with expert level professionals that form the Optical Design team, specialized in providing complete optical designs destined to the automotive industry. We ensure the highest quality and efficiency in all phases of product development Our different optical software makes the accurate calculations for providing an optimal light pattern allowing to launch the optical simulations that will ensure the feasibility of our designs and compliance as per customer Specifications and homologation norms. For better understanding of the design and with the aim of helping our customer styling departments, we can launch and provide high quality rendering images.

Laboratory Testing and Homologation

In the laboratory at our own premises we are able to conduct the required optical measurements, mechanical & thermal testing and electronics tests that lead us to the product verification & validation, and product qualification. The products designed are tested as per the required standards ensuring that complies with the customer specifications as well as the International regulation and homologation norm with the customer specifications as well as the International regulation and homologation norm


More than 60 years of experience in the business of design and production of Automotive lighting devices provides us with the capacity to initially predict and then design the best and optimal means of production to be sued for assembling, manufacturing and testing the different parts of the product.


Our R+D+i department, based on different prototypes and tests, assesses and develops new concepts, materials and applications for the optical systems applied to the automotive lighting Industry. In additio we manage and patent the newlydevelopedconcepts.