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Integral solutions

Our mission is to develop the project in the quickest time, more economical option, and most simple and easiest design, complying with customer´s specification and using the most advanced technology as possible.

RINDER - MECHANICAL Design - Diseño mecanico

We participate actively in the development alongside our customers, with a continuous and permanent interaction, which translates into a reduction of the development time and cost.

We operate the most advanced software systems for thermal, fluids, vibration analysis, etc. To guarantee the perfect execution of the project from the preliminary stage of development.

We count with 3D printers that allow us for a faster interaction with a real designed piece, which makes easier the development of the final product, allowing rapid prototyping and even valid for some tests.

We work with the most common software systems in the market: CATIA, NX… to allow us to share files in quick and secure way with our customers.

We count with the real experience of our products being manufactured in more than 60 manufacturing plants worldwide, which allows us to be constantly up to date with the latest materials and manufacturing processes, resulting in the use of cheaper, more resistant materials and with technical properties that allow to our designers more freedom for creativity.

Integral solutions

We participate actively with our customers in the design and development of their products. Our role is to translate their needs into SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS for specific projects.

Thermal analysis

The target of a thermal study is to understand the impact of the heat transfer in the performance of a design, which is a key aspect in the project.

We can represent different types of heat transfer including conduction, convection or radiation, and calculate the heat transfer inside the components and between them, in the design and in the surrounding. We can simulate the effects in transient and stationary state. We can simulate the effects in transient and stationary state.

These analysis cover aspects such as natural or forced ventilation solutions, thermal optimization of the devices by design or materials, and all of these is based in our simulation software and thermal measurements conducted in our laboratory.

Ventilation analysis
Air Flow inside the device

Thermal optimization
Critical spots and device optimization

Thermal simulation
Depending of the configuration and the type of lighting system used, thermal performance of the device its stimulated

Thermal measurement
Thermal behaviour of the real device