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Integral solutions

The electronics department is set by a team of Engineers who create long-life light systems based on analog electronics circuitry development, satisfying customers ideas and requirements.

The team is set by highly qualified and skilled Engineers, with long experience on hardware development. Our target is to satisfy our customers’ requirements the best and most efficient way. With over 60 manufacturing plants around the world, suppliers are really collaborative keeping us up to date on the latest commercial and technical tendencies, and collaborate with our design team to make feasible our most advanced challenges that we offer our customers.

Our work starts with the optical concept. The knowledge acquired by the department during the years, make our Engineers to choose the most appropriate LED for each application, as well as PCB type and other electronic components, to assure the correct working condition as per actual standards and customers’ requirements that are defined for each device.

The developed circuit technology uses our own topology, and AECQ automotive components are selected. One of the main goals of the department is to select components that offer robustness and reliability together with being competitive in cost. Our development and PCB routing capabilities are translated in top quality and reliability FR4 or MCPCB designs, that allow us to get the most cost effective solution.

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During design process, we are in continuous interaction with Mechanical, Thermal and Optical departments. 3D models of the designed PCBs are integrated in the device development, to assure manufacturability. Thermal feasibility of the PCB is analysed.


Electrical and thermal validation testing is carried out at our laboratory, set with the required tools and equipment for the job.


Project management includes third party certification of the Electronics where EMC testing is done.


  • LED consulting
  • Hardware design
  • Mathematical Analysis
  • Electronic simulation
  • Schematic development
  • Component selection
  • PCB design
  • Thermal management
  • 3D models
  • Technical documentation
  • Manufacturing process support
  • Validation
  • Certification