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Rinder Riduco (Colombia)


Rinder Riduco (Colombia)
Founded in February 2013 by Riduco S.A
and Corporación Rinder (now UNO MINDAGroup) as a Joint Venture.

• Production Plant located in Manizales – Colombia, Strategic Point of
access from Ports and close to our clients.
• Annual Turnover of 2,6 million USD (2015 – June 2016).
• LSTC as our Design Center in Spain with high knowledge and experience
in high lights development.
• No. Employees – 30

Our customers will become more competitive with R+R products

1. Quick response to demand changes
2. Improved operating margins
3. Reduce operational risk imports
4. Better level localization parts
5. Decreasing safety stock
6. Agility in developing new products or own initiatives
7. Quick attention to claims.

50 years providing lightings solutions for automotive industry

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